At Cardinal Chiropractic & Physical Medicine, we know there is a wide range of options available to help you with back pain treatment. But none are as extensively researched, better, or more efficient than chiropractic spinal adjustments from the Cardinal Chiropractic & Physical Medicine chiropractic clinic in St. Peters.

For years, Dr. Richard Blalock and his team have been dedicated to positively impacting the St. Peters and St. Louis area, turning first-time patients into family by delivering the best and most specialized care possible.

At Cardinal Chiropractic & Physical Medicine, we offer all-encompassing health services from primary care services to on-site X-Ray services to one of our specialties: Traditional chiropractic spinal adjustments.

Our traditional chiropractic adjustments are what most people imagine when they think of visiting a chiropractic clinic. Dr. Blalock is an industry leader and is dedicated to making sure each visit is as comfortable as possible, explaining the process step-by-step whether it’s your first visit or your 100th.

Also referred to as spinal manipulation or joint manipulation, we specialize in several techniques, including but not limited to:

  • Diversified Technique
  • Gonstead Technique
  • Petibon & Chiropractic BioPhysics
  • Flexion Distraction
  • Activator & ArthroStim
  • Thompson Technique

When you think of the typical chiropractic adjustment, you’re most likely thinking of laying on a table and having your back cracked. That’s referred to as the diversified technique, which is among the most commonly used techniques and involves high-velocity, low-amplitude thrusts to restore proper movement and alignment of the spine.

Our other techniques are more specialized treatments, all of which have been extensively researched and proven to be highly effective in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Spinal adjustments restore the motion and position of the spinal vertebrae, which reduces the inflammation around the spinal nerves. With the proper amount of retraining and repetition, these results will start to become your body’s new “normal,” almost like a reset button!

If you have back pain, neck pain, headaches or other issues, Cardinal Chiropractic & Physical Medicine chiropractic clinic in St. Peters can help. We accept many types of health insurance, including Medicare, and can get you back on the path to health today. Schedule your appointment now!