Very Helpful!

I first met Dr. Rick at Mid Rivers mall with one of my clients. My purpose being at the mall was for exercise. Before I met Dr. Rick I had been thinking of calling a Chiropractor to see about adjusting my neck and lower back. When Dr. Rick introduced himself, all I could think of is how great God is to have guided Dr. Rick to be working at the mall during the time I was there. Dr. Rick has helped me feel 80% better and will continue making my neck and lower back get to 100%. Dr. Rick has helped in other areas as far as being knowledgeable concerning how to live a long and healthier life. Dr. Rick has always been helpful to answer all of my questions and has great resources. I feel God lead Dr. Rick my way at the right time.

Treatments tried before chiropractic: “Heating pad, Icy Hot, Tylenol, and Advil.”

Debbie Slack, St. Charles, MO