Cardinal Chiropractic & Physical Medicine is committed to providing the best multi-specialty care not only in the St. Peters area, but in the world!

From our primary care services provided by our on-site nurse practitioner, Kathy Berns, to our chiropractic and physical medicine services provided by Dr. Richard Blalock and his team, we make every effort to offer you all-natural solutions and customize your treatment plan based on your specific personal needs.

That’s why getting a clear image – or in this case, clear images – of the source of your pain issues is so important. Seeing is believing, and X-ray images are the critical puzzle pieces which provide an objective way to understand your starting point and view the progress we’ve made in real time.

How It Works

As one of the few local chiropractors in St. Peters and the surrounding area equipped with on-site digital X-ray equipment, Cardinal Chiropractic & Physical Medicine is able to offer unparalleled diagnostics to facilitate more focused care and accelerated patient recovery periods.

Delivered by a team of healthcare professionals, each report gives your local chiropractor a more enhanced image of your spine and any issues that your back may be experiencing.

By virtually eliminating spinal column shadows found in X-ray film, digital equipment enhances each layer, allowing more precise detection of problematic areas.

Because digital images can be magnified, contrast enhanced and inverted, they allow for extraordinarily sharp images that allow chiropractors to pinpoint the source of a patient’s pain and symptoms.

In the end, the enhanced capabilities of digital X-rays mean that patients ultimately benefit. With shorter wait periods and immediate image availability, patient satisfaction at Cardinal Chiropractic & Physical Medicine soars.

Doctors also use digital X-rays to full educate their patients in regards to their treatment plan. By showing progress during the treatment period, patients and doctors can work more closely as partners, facilitating restorative techniques that encourage healing.

Find out more about the benefits of having on-site digital X-ray services by scheduling your personal consultation at Cardinal Chiropractic & Physical Medicine now. We accept Medicare for your local chiropractic needs. We are your alternative and natural health experts.